Commercial Benefits in Crystal Solarís Approach:

  • > 50% reduction in silicon usage compared to conventional silicon

  • 50% lower costs ($/Wp) than conventional methods

  • ~50% reduction in capital costs versus conventional methods

  • Any thickness possible from 200 µm – 20 µm to accommodate various customer needs

  • Avoids massive capital, and GW scale required to set up competitive Poly plants today

  • Incremental scalability to opportunistically address demand

  • Capacity expansions can occur in 6-9 months versus 3 years


Technical Benefits in Crystal Solarís Approach:

» Perfect Square wafers for higher module packing density

» Built in junctions enable significant efficiency gain with no change in cell processing

» Tighter resistivity distribution allowing for tighter efficiency binning of cells

» No Light-Induced Degradation (LID) due to low oxygen content

» Both p or n-type wafers


Reinventing the way
silicon is made


Benefits of Direct Gas
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