Crystal Solar
has developed a breakthrough monocrystalline Silicon wafer technology which fundamentally alters the cost-efficiency equation for photovoltaics. This R&D 100 award winning, Direct Gas to Wafer™ technology allows for high-efficiency solar panels at radically lower costs with:

  • 50% less silicon usage compared to conventional silicon due to the kerfless nature
  • Demonstrated cell efficincies of > 24%
  • At least 10% increase in power at the module when compared to conventional mono silicon photovoltaic technology
  • Less than 50% of the capital cost compared to conventional monocrystalline silicon wafer technology

The company has established a semi-automated pilot line to demonstrate the manufacturing-worthiness and scalability of this technology.

The company has premier strategic partnerships with global players in the solar, chemical and semiconductor spaces. In addition, it is the recipient of multi-million dollar research awards by the U.S. Department of Energy.